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自然言語処理 初心者

jupyter-notebook をより便利に

% pip install yaml
% git clone
% cd ipython-contrib
% python install


% jupyter-notebook

http://localhost:8000/nbextensions/ あれ… 404 だ

少し調べる.. こっちを入れましょう♪

% pip install jupyter_nbextensions_configurator
% jupyter --version
% jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable --user

http://localhost:8888/tree#nbextensions_configurator を入力すると設定できるようになる.

The command accepts the same flags as the jupyter serverextension command provided by notebook versions >= 4.2, including –system to enable in system-wide config (the default), or –sys-prefix to enable in config files inside python’s sys.prefix, such as for a virtual environment. The provided jupyter nbextensions_configurator command can also be used to disable.


ともあれ, これでjupyter-notebookがより便利になります😆